Rock Music Promotions

How OWMR Can Help Your To Promote Your Latest Release?

At OWMR we like to give you the musician the best product possible to promote your music to

listeners around the world.

With approximately 30 years' experience in the media broadcast business at its highest level, we can offer you a quality product to highlight your work and maximise the sales potential of your project.


Just make your selections and email them to us using the email button below, then make your payment via the PayPal Donate button (you can use the currency converter on the right to ensure you pay the right amount or via PayPal using this email address: [email protected]

Please note all our prices are in GBP (British Pounds)

Due to external costs, there will be a slight increase in the price of some of our promotions, starting January 1st 2021, however, if you have a project for 2021, you can place your order now (before Dec 31st 2020) to be guaranteed 2020 prices.

If you have a rock album or single that you have released or are planning to release, take a look at how we can help you get that out to a global audience

The Album or EP Review Cost: £35

An album review written by internationally acclaimed music writer Steve Sheppard, which will be placed on the OWMR website and our blog site.

Short Form Album Review Cost: £25

A short form review written by internationally acclaimed music writer Steve Sheppard, which will be placed on the OWMR website and also our blog site

Single Review Cost: £10

International music writer Steve Sheppard will write a review for your single, this will be placed firstly on the OWMR website along with our blog site.

Single Promotion Cost: £15

An audio ad will be created using your single, sharing information about where to purchase and/or your website several times each week for a month and Steve will also write a review of your single too. An effective way to promote your work.

Album Show Cost: £35

A show dedicated to your release, where you give an overview of the album, then select 3 tracks from the album to talk about that will be featured in the show (if you would prefer not to do an interview or are unable to do one, we can complete this for you).

Two of a Kind Cost: £25

Here we feature 2 of your tracks that you select, and read out information about the tracks from you to our audience. This is ideal for promoting a new single or for raising awareness of your music (please note, tracks need to be at least 4 minutes long) .

Take 3 Cost £30

Here we feature 3 of your tracks, 2 from your current album and 1 from a previous release, that are played in our live play schedule, and will then also be available as a podcast.

Quick Ads Cost: £5 per ad

These are short ads designed to promote and sell your music. These ads will run for a minimum of 1 month.

Advertising on the Home Page:

Single width (square) £35 for 3 months or £65 for 6 months

Prime Advertising on the Home Page:

Double width (oblong) £75 for 3 months or £140 for 6 months

Advertising on our show pages:

Single width (square) £12 for 3 months or £22 for 6 months