2020 Singles Awards

Welcome to the 2020 One World Music Radio singles awards, our 8th annual awards.

All categories are voted on by a secret panel of judges.

Below you will find the complete list of categories and nominees - winners will be announced Wednesday April 28th and will then be shown here.


Best Acoustic Single

David W Donner - Autumn Breeze

Eric Tingstad - Darlin'

Jamie Bonk - Little Bit

Jim Kimo West - Fragile

Joseph Sullinger - Drawn by the Wind

Kirsten Agresta Copely - Message from the Trees

Lars Taylor - The New Normal

Mike Howe - Kiss The Sorrow

Ognjen Šavija - Bells of Tundra

Ryan Michael Richards - Pathway to Love

Best Contemporary Instruments Single

CosmoMoose - She Should Be Here

Earle Dumler - Cascade ft Darlene Koldenhoven

Glenn Main - Lilly Was Here

Guido Meyer - Lost Moments

James Asher - Yes It Is!

Karen Biehl - Reflections

Nipazen - Exodus

Ronald Van Deurzen - Hopeful Bliss

Sean Michael Paddison - A Little Something To Feel Good About

Victor Cerullo - In Close Touch

Best Flute Single

Bearheart Kokopelli - Walk In Beauty

Chrissie Sheppard - Raven Cove

Jan Michael Looking Wolf - Violet Chakra

Joanne Lazzaro - A Dark Goddess

Mad Dog Friedman - Four Winds

Morton Jones - Ocangate

Rodrigo Rodiguez - The Enlightenment Flute of Buddha

Rodrigo Rodriguez - Sound of the Crikets in the Inner Mountain

Joseph Akins & Sherry Finzer - Earthbeat

Best Neo Classical Single

Anaya - Imlyam

Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg / Malva Quartet - Death of a King

David Clavijo - Metamorphosis

Earle Dumler - Eros and Anima ft Darlene Koldenhover

Earle Dumler - Canyon Road ft Darlene Koldenhover

Eric Chapelle - Haze on the Mountain

Fransoafran - Immanent

Lisa Swerdlow - Dawn Contemplation

Matias Bacoñsky - The Immortal

Oz Nelson - We Will Prevail

Best Piano with Instrumentation Single

Greg Maroney & Sherry Finzer - Plum Trees

Holly Jones & Mathew Joseph - Come Home

Javi Lobe and Fransofran - Infinity

Joseph Akins & Sherry Finzer - Eventide

Karen Biehl - Falling Snow - Piano and Strings ft Fransoafran

Lynn Tredeau & Sherry Finzer - Behind the Door

Melany Thompson & Elson Complex - A Single Wish

Oliver Papke and Colin Powell - Summer Rain

Rick Sparks - Little Flower

Wayne Bethanis - Return of the Cherokee

Best Solo Piano Single

Annie Locke - Anthem for a Better World

Christ Stills - Journey of the Monarch

Cornell Kinderknecht - Solace Blooming

Jane Leslie - Floating

Joey Curtin - From the Beginning

KeithTim Anderson - Evermore

Kris Baines - From the Rubble

Melany Thompson - On My Mind

Oscar Pascasio - Something Between You and Me

Pam Asberry - Floating

Shoshana Michel - Reflection

Best World / World Fusion Single

Ajay Srivastav - Shanti

Athens Tango Project - Oblivion

Ban Brothers - Man Yeh Meraa

Boom Boy - Nu Salsa

Noel Quintana & The Latin Crew - ¿donde estan los cantantes?

O'Bkay - All Day

Okwei Odili ft Banda Aweto - A Lua

Paul Vens & Friends - Het Gouden Zonlicht

Victor Samalot - La Chica Bonita

ZEN Seraphine - Spirit Rising

Best Ambient Single

AeTopus - Interhalation

Andy Rogers - With The Dawn Comes Hope

Bruce Petherick - Embracing The Dark

Claudio Casanueva - Spiritual Particles

Eyes Cast Down - Sea of Fertility (feat. Chako)

Ivar Fritjof Hansen - Kindness

Matt Starling - Music for Nina

Steve Sheppard - Memories of the River

Swartz-et - Drowning in the Light

Tom Caufield - The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light

Best Electronic Single

Anantakara - The Riddle of a Soul

Claudio Casanueva - Lordterra

Dream Aria - Lingua Cosmica

Kerani - One World

Mind Lab Music - Antares

Richard Anthony Bean - Mountain Vistas

Robert Scott Thompson - Teardrops and the Holding Pattern

Santiago Trigueros - Spells from the Moon

Stephani Sante - Proton Euphoria

Vechigen x Kelzy - What You See, What I Feel

Best Jazz Award

510JAZZ - Three Little Words

Bocana - Stumpy's on the Loose Again

Bocana - Vista la Vista

Darlene Koldenhoven - The Butterfly Samba

EYOT - Heartbeat

Kama Ruby - Go Slow

Kama Ruby - Lazy Afternoon

Lars Taylor - Sweet Onion

Ramesh Kumar Kannan - Misty Window

Best New Age Single

Andrew Stables & Nick Magnus - Riversong

Andy Rogers - The Icy Blast of Winter

Andy Rogers - The First Storm of Autumn

Aroshanti - Inner Earth Healer (Om Namah Shivayah)

Diane Arkenstone - Longer than Forever

Dyan Garris - Timeless Traveler ft Sherry Finzer & Rebekah Eden

Dyan Garris - Forest Whispers ft Sherry Finzer

Fransoafran - Island Dream

Gandalf - Bound To Live Free

Karen Biehl - Song of the Sylphs

Best Rock Single

Chris Mainfield - Tell Me

Dream Aria - Out Of The Void

Inner Image - Come Undone

Ivory Tower Project - Burning

Joe Matera - Only One

Ralf Dee - Regen Regen Komm

Rivin - I'll Never Say Sorry

Rob Carey - I Know It Shows

Stefano Cece - Glory Days

Xavier Boscher - Nectar Ocean's Depths

Best Vocal Single

Amy Faithe - Higher

Cadence Spalding - Trust In Love

Diane Arkenstone - Beyond the Golden Sea

Freja Eriksen - Love Revolution Arise

Kimberly Haynes - My Brother's Keeper

Richard Dillon - Better Together

Scarlett Kirwan - Sweet Home

Shunia - Breeze At Dawn

The Song Gardeners - Love Flows

Unleashed Dreams - This Too Shall Pass

Best Single Cover Art

Andy Rogers - The Icy Blast of Winter

Annie Locke - A Summer's Day by the River

Bergi - Myst

Chrissie Sheppard - Raven Cove

Dan Kennedy - Twilight

Fiona Joy Hawkins - Tolling of the Fire Bell

Fransoafran - Heathside

Greg Maroney & Sherry Finzer - Ever Elusive

Joanne Lazzaro - A Dark Goddess

William Haviland - Romanze