2002 have been on more than just a roll lately, their last two albums have achieved chart topping success and the band are a much sort out musical commodity across the entire globe now. Last night the new age outfit launched a very special new official video for the track She Moved Through the Fair, now if you’re saying you have heard this done many times before, trust me, this release will top the lot with consummate ease.

The very first shots sees a clever pan and pull back across the ocean to reveal the ever rising star of the band, Sarah Copus, performing on her Harp on a cliff edge in a dramatic opening gambit. The family narrative is explored and the young couple then move off on their own through the country side, the following camera shots here are particularly effective as it allows the viewer that bird’s eye angle and sense of movement to manifest.

One can also enjoy the shot by the stream which gave a depth to the video that was creatively crafted and one of my personal favourite segments in a glorious sunset, giving yet another layer of both depth, but more importantly colour to allow the viewer to engage with both the interaction of the young lovers and the idyllic setting.

A crucial section and a splendid visual was the last we saw of our female lead as she heads for a Celtic Cross, dressed in white and ready to cross over to the other world, the shots here for me made this video, the crescendo was perfectly timed and the focus on this spirit like transformation was shot as good as any Hollywood movie could have attempted.

At just over the three minute 50 mark the river shows it’s further importance as a now grey haired and aged former lover stands by the stream remembering fondly his love, while over -layered images of his youthful love float with a spiritual intent across the screen. The narrative at this point is explained by a quite stunning shot of a dark room, with the aged former lover sitting in a chair, and from the blue soaked windows a ghostly smoke fills the room and his partner manifests explaining that their wedding day is near, the story of course ends happily ever after, but the film play to end the video was exceptionally crafted and well thought out.

It certainly seems that 2002 have got that Midas touch, anything they do turns to gold and this video of the track She Moves through the Fair is certainly that, highlights for me were the attention to detail and the shots of Sarah Copus on the cliff, it didn’t just set the scene perfectly, it added a vast depth of field and quality to the movie, also the passing of the young female lover was exceptionally clever and quite intricately layered, all in all this is a utterly superb production by all concerned, actors and producers alike and all should be applauded for this magnificent production, one final thing, I dare anyone to write in and say they didn’t cry during the last moments of this video, it was beyond moving.

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