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Join Keith Richie for Sands of Time, taking a look at electronic music


Mark Barnes brings you a Christmas Speical, with a great selection of music featuring the history and stories about the songs themselves

Steve and Chrissie bring you our 300,000 Celebration Show!

Keith Richie brings you a show dedicated to the 10 year anniversary edition of his album The Maestoso Interstellar Suite

Tomita Tribute by Steve & Bruce

Join Steve and Bruce as they bring you some fantastic music in this short tribute to a man who was one of the pioneers of electronic music

David Bowie Tribute by Steve & Chrissie

Join Steve & Chrissie as they bring you some fantastic music from David Bowie in this tribute show!

Lemmy Kilmister Tribute by OWMR

Join Chrissie as she talks to Steve about his memories of Lemmy and Motorhead, and also catches up with Peter Cox too ... features some fantastic music from Lemmy too!