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Breaking News 22nd May 2018


The People’s Choice Award LAST 5 DAYS!

We have now entered the last 5 days of voting in the people’s choice award today, but you still have time to vote for your favourite artist and you can do so right here, the voting closes May 27th.

Voting last night was very high, with well over 300 being received; make sure your voice counts as well.

Just go here to have your say. Peoples Choice



Breaking News 21st May 2018


The World 100 publication and Chart Show

As from this month onward we are moving the world 100chart show to a Saturday evening at 10 pm UK. This time will be permanent, and will be the ONLY show broadcast on that day; this will make it very easy for listeners across the world to tune in and hear, as it will be looped until Sunday morning and broadcasted all through the night.

The next chart show/world100 reveal and publication will be Saturday 26th at 10pm UK, that’s 5pm EST and Midnight Cyprus. The station will be LIVE 15 minutes before the show, with infomercials and promotions.

We have been looking for some time, for a more logical and permanent base for the reveal of the chart and the show to happen and hope you will be able to support this new time and day onwards.


Loren Evarts is Home Again

One World Music Radio is very happy to announce a new release from pianist Loren Evarts and as such he is our latest featured artist, so we now take an in-depth look at Home Again, his latest offering.


You can read and listen to Steve’s reviews.


Then we go over to Chrissie as she brings you the album show and an interview with the artist, where we feature three tracks from the latest release.


Then listen to Steve and Chrissie as they bring you the artist in profile show and they dig deeper into the life and musical times of Loren Evarts and yes, we feature more music from the new album.

You can enjoy this by going to the following link. Loren Evarts




Breaking News 17th May 2018


The People’s Choice Award LAST 10 DAYS!

We have now entered the last 10 days of voting in the people’s choice award today, but you still have time to vote for your favourite artist and you can do so right here, the voting closes May 27th.

Just go here to have your say. Voting Peoples Choice




Breaking News 16th May 2018


Steve Sheppard marks 21 years in broadcasting today.

Amazing just how much time has flown by, today sees the 21st anniversary of his radio career, his very first outing on the air, it came when he was offered a chance to read out a sports report from a local football ground in 1997, one that the local reporter had not turned up to, he went onto work closely with David Croft of the BBC for the next few years after that, yes he of F1 these days.

After that to multiple BBC stations as a freelancer across the UK, including 606 sport show, Radio London, Five Live with Clemo and even a spot of TV work with South Today and touching bases with Commercial and hospital Radio in Sussex and the BBC world service. It’s been a fun journey and he has travelled thousands of miles because of it, now here he is with his own station, amazing.

He has had some hilarious moments along the way, perhaps if anyone is interested he could do a show on those; however he still feels that perhaps there are a few more years left in him as a broadcaster yet.


Another natural sound recording has been added to the site, now you may float in the ambience of Dartmoor, with three recordings by musician Nigel Shaw, these beautiful natural sound recordings, contain wind through the reeds, rain, a storm, a gentle stream, and natural bird sounds and is absolutely heavenly.

You can enjoy this by going to the following link. Santuary


Dyan Garris sponsors playlist 125

Diane Garris is now the sponsor of play list 125, where you will hear three tracks from the release Mystics Nine.

There is also a plethora of wonderful music from various other artists on the playlists as well.

You can listen now by going right here. Playlists




Breaking News 15th May 2018


New Playlist released by OWMR

Deborah Offenhauser has sponsored another NEW playlist on One World Music Radio. Play list 124 has just been set free to garner the airwaves and you will get a chance to hear three tracks from Deborah’s Soundscapes album, as well as a whole host of other great musicians, if you would like to hear it now then just follow the link. Playlists


Eamonn Karran, I’ll Be With You, reviewed by Steve Sheppard

Steve Sheppard has produced a review of his thoughts on the brand new Eamonn Karran album, I’ll Be With you.

His review has been placed on all music related sites and online stores where available.

You can read it now by going here. Album Reviews


OWMR have a new featured artist in pianist Mark Dunn, this fine composer and performer of great melodies has been interviewed by Steve and Chrissie, and you can listen to him talking about his latest release Melodic Voyage in the album show with Chrissie Sheppard.

Steve and Chrissie then talk to Mark about his musical life In the Artist in Profile Show, a fascinating interview, one that goes into quite a depth.

We have also released Steve Sheppard’s written review of the album and you will also be able to listen to Steve on the Audio version of the review as well.

All of that and more can be found via this link: Mark Dunn Artist Page