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The OWMR Lifetime Achievement Award

OWMR would like to present to you the One World Music Radio Lifetime Achievement Award, this permanent roll call of honour will stay on our site, to recognise the work, effort and time that the winner has put into our industry.


Below is a list of all those that are nominated for this award, followed by some information about each of the nominees.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Al Gromer Khan is a German-born sitar player and composer whose music spans the multiple genres of ambient, new age, world and electronica. He is author of 3 novels and author of National-Radio documentaries and features about music since more than 25 years and works as a visual artist. Al Gromer Khan was awarded the RABINDRANATH TAGORE CULTURAL PRIZE 2015 for his lifetime achievement as musician/performer on sitar and surbahar of the highest order, composer, writer and visual artist by the Indo-German Society.


David Lanz is a Grammy-nominated pianist. His album Cristofori's Dream topped the new age music charts in 1988 and he was last year’s runner up, he has been performing live since the 60’s and has well over 40 albums to his name.


David Wright is the keyboard player and composer who founded the new-age music label AD Music in 1989. He is also co-founder of the New Age electronic rock band Code Indigo and of the new-age music duo Callisto.


Kevin Kendle is a musician and composer working in the field of haunting, atmospheric instrumental music. Kevin has been playing music since the age of eight and has since produced music for theatres and production companies including BBC Television. His music has been used around the world in various broadcast applications and the Eventide Music series of albums have been featured on BBC Radio in the UK


Miriam Stockley is a British singer and composer. She was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and her work is influenced by the African music of her home country. Her distinctive vocalese style gained international acclaim when Karl Jenkins launched the Adiemus project with Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary, with Stockley as the lead singer, now singer with world music super band AO Music.


Scott Cossu is a new-age pianist. He released a large number of albums on Windham Hill between 1980 and 1992, some to considerable sales success. Scott came in 3rd last year.


Steve Sheppard is the owner of One world Music Radio, former CEO of One World Radio Organisation, International music writer, presenter of one of the first new age music shows on terrestrial radio in the UK (The Perfect Remedy). Steve is the current presenter of Reconnections, Borderlands and The Golden Hour and a new age music presenter for over 20 years.


Steven Halpern is an American new-age musician. He is a Grammy-award nominee and considered to be one of the founding fathers of new-age music.


Suzanne Doucet is a former entertainment Star from Europe, Co-Founder of NewAgeMusic.com, NewAgeUniverse.com and the New Age Music Circle. She became one of the pioneers in the NEWAGEMUSIC industry in West Germany and is now recognized as one of the foremost authorities on the subject worldwide. She has lived in the USA since 1983.


Will Ackerman is an American guitarist and producer he is universally recognized as the preeminent pioneer in the new age music movement, and the founder of Windham Hill Records, Will Ackerman's career spans more than three decades of remarkable vision, single-minded determination, fervent business savvy, and "a thorough love of the mystery of making music".

Make your selection here, either use the form to send in your nomination or email: admin@oneworldmusic.co.uk remember, 1 vote per person!


Voting closes 31st August 2017


2016 Winner

Medwyn Goodall

Voting has now closed!


2017 Winner

Miriam Stockley