OWMR Awards 2016

Welcome to the 2016 One World Music Radio awards.

Below you will find the award winners for each category along with the runners up.


Acoustic Guitar
1st Mark Barnwell - Mandala
2nd Russ Hewitt - Cielo Nocturno
3rd Carbe & Durand - A Bridge Between
Album of the Year Award
1st Kimberly Haynes - Awaken Me
2nd Al Conti - Mystic
3rd Charles Denler - A Moment At Dawn
Ambient Album
1st Michelle Qureshi - A Scattering of Stars
2nd Darshan AMbient - Fire Light
3rd Forrest Smithson - Reversal of Thought
Contemporary Instrumental Album
1st Bill Wren - Road to Chaing Mai
2nd Arun Shenoy & the Groove Project - A Stagey Bank Affair
3rd Charles Denler - Moment At Dawn
Electronic Album
1st Uwe Gronau - Paradise Painting
2nd Tangram - Vector Henge
3rd Keith Richie - Skylines
Native American Album
1st Rockapelli - Freedom
2nd Painted Raven - Crossroads
3rd Windtalker - Hozho: Walking in Beauty
New Age Album
1st David Arkenstone - The Fairy Garden
2nd David Clavijo - From the Depths
3rd Joseph L Young - Ethereum
People's Choice Award
1st Holly Montgomery - Leaving Eden
2nd Dan Kennedy - Bloom Road
3rd Mark Barnes - In The Beginning
Piano w Instrumentation Album
1st Gary Schmidt - Landscapes of the Heart
2nd Marc Enfroy - Crossroads
3rd John Fluker - 11:11
Rock Album
1st Holly Montgomery - Leaving Eden
2nd July Reign - Here Comes the Flood
3rd Ali Ferguson - A Sequence of Moments
Rock Track Track of the Year Award
1st The smallest Creature - High Low You
2nd The Soul Exchange - City of the Ripper
3rd Lars Boquist - The Rebel
Solo Piano Album
1st David Lanz - Norwegian Rain
2nd Dave Lewis - Milestones
3rd Lena Natalia - Second Youth
Track of the Year Award
1st Holland Phillips - Save The Dance
2nd Janice Lacy Project - Sanctuary for the Soul
3rd Al Jewer & Andy Mitran - Talking Stone
Andy Rogers - Ocean Dreaming
Vocal Award
1st Viktoria Tocca - Dream It
2nd White Sun - White Sun II
3rd Narrow Plains - Narrow Plains
World/Global Fusion Award
1st Ban Brothers - All About Love
2nd Anita Lerche - Bhajans
3rd Al Conti - Mystic