OWMR Awards 2016

Welcome to the 2016 One World Music Radio awards.

Below you will find the award winners for each category along with the runners up.

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Acoustic Guitar
1st Mark Barnwell - Mandala
2nd Russ Hewitt - Cielo Nocturno
3rd Carbe & Durand - A Bridge Between
Album of the Year Award
1st Kimberly Haynes - Awaken Me
2nd Al Conti - Mystic
3rd Charles Denler - A Moment At Dawn
Ambient Album
1st Michelle Qureshi - A Scattering of Stars
2nd Darshan AMbient - Fire Light
3rd Forrest Smithson - Reversal of Thought
Contemporary Instrumental Album
1st Bill Wren - Road to Chaing Mai
2nd Arun Shenoy & the Groove Project - A Stagey Bank Affair
3rd Charles Denler - Moment At Dawn
Electronic Album
1st Uwe Gronau - Paradise Painting
2nd Tangram - Vector Henge
3rd Keith Richie - Skylines
Native American Album
1st Rockapelli - Freedom
2nd Painted Raven - Crossroads
3rd Windtalker - Hozho: Walking in Beauty
New Age Album
1st David Arkenstone - The Fairy Garden
2nd David Clavijo - From the Depths
3rd Joseph L Young - Ethereum
People's Choice Award
1st Holly Montgomery - Leaving Eden
2nd Dan Kennedy - Bloom Road
3rd Mark Barnes - In The Beginning
Piano w Instrumentation Album
1st Gary Schmidt - Landscapes of the Heart
2nd Marc Enfroy - Crossroads
3rd John Fluker - 11:11
Rock Album
1st Holly Montgomery - Leaving Eden
2nd July Reign - Here Comes the Flood
3rd Ali Ferguson - A Sequence of Moments
Rock Track Track of the Year Award
1st The smallest Creature - High Low You
2nd The Soul Exchange - City of the Ripper
3rd Lars Boquist - The Rebel
Solo Piano Album
1st David Lanz - Norwegian Rain
2nd Dave Lewis - Milestones
3rd Lena Natalia - Second Youth
Track of the Year Award
1st Holland Phillips - Save The Dance
2nd Janice Lacy Project - Sanctuary for the Soul
3rd Al Jewer & Andy Mitran - Talking Stone
Andy Rogers - Ocean Dreaming
Vocal Award
1st Viktoria Tocca - Dream It
2nd White Sun - White Sun II
3rd Narrow Plains - Narrow Plains
World/Global Fusion Award
1st Ban Brothers - All About Love
2nd Anita Lerche - Bhajans
3rd Al Conti - Mystic